Music, Marxism, and the Frankfurt School

International Conference Dublin

School of Music, University College Dublin, 2–4 July 2014


Final Programme

Check-In will open on the afternoon of Tuesday 1 July for those delegates who arrive early.


Wednesday 2 July

09.00–10.15    Check-In

10.15–10.45    Words of Welcome and Opening Address, Professor Harry White

10.45–12.45: Session 1: Darmstadt and Its Echoes (Chair: Amy Bauer)

“Ligeti and Adorno: The Letter Correspondence,” Peter Edwards (University of Oslo)

Material, Language, and Praxis in Adorno’s ‘Vers une musique informelle’: A Contextualizing Approach,” James Archer (Durham University)

“Theodor Adorno’s ‘Vers une musique informelle’: Towards a Re-Conceptualisation,” Joris De Henau (Durham University)

“Conflicting Times: Adorno’s Interpretation of Stockhausen’s ‘New Morphology of Musical Time’,” Eduardo Socha (University of Sao Paulo, Brazil)

12.45-2.00: Lunch

2.00-3.00: Session 2: Music at the Barricades (Chair: Golan Gur)

“Fine Utopia: The Legacy of Walter Benjamin in Luigi Nono’s Prometeo (1985),” Pauline Driessen (Ghent University)

“The Limits of (Musical) Modernism: Critical Responses to 1968 and the Contradictory Relationship between Music and Social Radicalism,” Lauren Freede (University of Oldenburg)

3.00–3.15: Refreshments

3.15–4.45: Session 3: The Music of the Other (Chair: Jaime Jones)

“The Philosopher’s Bass Drum: Adorno’s Jazz and Metric Regularity,” Maya Kronfeld (University of California, Berkeley)

“Marcuse, Hip Hop, and Revolution,” Dharmender S. Dhillon (Cardiff University)

“A Note on Adorno, Jewish Musicians, and Jewish Musics,” Judah Matras (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

4.45–5.00: Refreshments

 5.00–6.00: Keynote Lecture

Professor Max Paddison (Durham University)

Ideology Critique/Critical Aesthetics: Adorno in the Context of Frankfurt School Marxism

Chair: Nicole Grimes

6.00: Wine Reception, UCD Common Room


Thursday 3 July

09.30–11.00: Session 4: Music and the Work Ethic (Chair: Richard Leppert)

“Adorno’s Negative Musical Remainder,” Murray Dineen (University of Ottawa)

“’The Martyrs of Artworks’: Adorno on Virtuosity, Performance, and Musical Labor,” David VanderHamm (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

“Beyond the Autonomy Principle: Adorno, Benjamin, and the Challenges of Today’s Musical Experience,” Alessandro Cecchi (Institute for Music of the Giorgio Cini Foundation, Venice, Italy)

11.00–11.15: Refreshments

11.15–12.45: Session 5: Humanism—Secular and Sacred (Chair: Amy Bauer)

“Ernst Bloch and the Requiem,” Wolfgang Marx (University College Dublin)

“Repudiating Darkness?—Brahms, Iphigenie, and the Frankfurt School,” Nicole Grimes (University College Dublin)

“Reading Adorno’s ‘Sacred Fragment’,” Sebastian Truskolaski (Goldsmiths, University of London)

12.45–2.00: Lunch

 2.00–3.30: Session 6: Adorno’s Schubert (Chair: Nicole Grimes)

“Adorno and the Negativity of Musical Landscape,” Sebastian Wedler (University of Oxford)

“Promesse du Bonheur: Adorno, Musical Landscape and Happiness,” Richard Leppert (University of Minnesota)

“Adorno’s Decay and Schubert’s Fragments,” Arabella Pare (Hochschule für Musik, Karlsruhe)

3.30–3.45: Refreshments

3.45–4.45: Session 7: Adorno and Other Marxists (Chair: Wolfgang Marx)

“The Other Marxism: Adorno, Lukács, and the Debate over Materialist Music Aesthetics in East Germany,” Golan Gur (University of Cambridge)

“Adorno, Subjectivity, and Collectivity,” Mark Abel (University of Brighton)


Thursday Evening: Conference Dinner, 7.30pm

Marco Pierre White, Courtyard Bar & Grill, Belmont Avenue, Donnybrook, Dublin 4


Friday 4 July

 09.30–11.30: Session 8—Panel: Ich bin an mir: Reassessing the Musical Thought of Ernst Bloch (Chair: Wolfgang Marx)

“The Speculative Tone,” Michael Gallope (University of Minnesota)

“Music and the ‘Fiery Truth’ of Matter,” Benjamin Korstvedt (Clark University)

“The Not-Yet-Conscious and the Epistemological Value of Esthetic Experience,” Beth Snyder (New York University)

“Music and Utopian Ground: Breakthroughs in Adorno, Bloch, and Schelling,” Stephen Decatur Smith (Stony Brook University)

11.30–11.45: Refreshments

11.45–12.45: Session 9: Berg’s Adorno (Chair: Christopher Morris)

“Adorno, Berg, and Composition with Twelve-Tones: Rereading Adorno’s Philosophy of New Music,” Morgan Rich (University of Florida)

“A Night at the Opera: Benjamin, Adorno, and the Premiere of Wozzeck,” Kevin Mooney (Western University, Ontario)

12.45–2.00: Lunch

2.00–3.30: Session 10: Modes of Listening (Chair: Benjamin Korstvedt)

“The Beauty is in the Details: Adorno’s ‘Schoene Stellen’ (‘Beautiful Passages’),” Shierry Weber Nicholsen (Seattle Psychoanalytic Society and Institute)

“Adorno’s Tafelmusik,” David Kasunic (Occidental College, LA)

“The Hörender in Hörigkeit: Adorno (and Foucault) Hearing the Sirens’ Song,” Etha Williams (Harvard)

3.30–3.45: Refreshments

3.45–4.45: Session 11: Aesthetics beyond Modernism (Chair: Michael Gallope)

“Global Capital and the Stakes of Latin American Musical Modernism,” Stephan Hammel (University of Pennsylvania)

“A Scene is Missing: Ranciére and a Meta-Politics of Music in Rehearsal,” João Pedro Cachopo (New University of Lisbon)

“Bloch and the Musical Aesthetics of Utopia,” Luis-Manuel Garcia (Max Planck Institute for Human Development, Berlin)